Saturday, September 25, 2010

Barnyard Dog

This paper collage Barnyard Dog is made in the same style as Barnyard Rooster. A lot of dog-lovers viewing my blog saw Patchwork Kitty and wanted a dog to be showcased. Everyone is not a cat-lover after all or a bird-lover. So for all you dog-lovers, this one is for you. 

My mom gave me the idea of doing a series of four paper collage animals representing the Bremen Town Musicians, the folktale by the Brothers Grimm. I'm running with the idea so please stay turned for a cat and a donkey next. Below you can see the rooster and the dog together.


  1. lOVE the dog! Are you interested in doing any trading (a daily painting,that is) because that's the kind of pet I'd like to own.

  2. Thanks Layne! This dog actually is in the middle of a sale pending. But I would love to trade with you sometime. I LOVE your work! I'll make some more collage dogs and see what I come up with.