Friday, October 7, 2011

Spotted Owl Overlooks

Ink on paper with layered paper attributes.

I'm excited to welcome myself back to the pen and ink technique. After a not-so-recent accident from a quill-pen I have been reluctant to "pick up the pen" so to speak.  I'm back -- and wish to introduce this new piece -- Spotted Owl Overlooks.

This is the artwork framed:


  1. HI!!!! I have been wanting to call you all day and never got a chance! How are you?! I love your paintings. They are awesome!

    *hugs* from me

  2. Hey Mama Forestdweller -- love the name,

    I have been meaning to call you too. I love your site and your incites. thanks for liking the paintings. I'm having a show in Bellingham at
    Allied Arts. Opening night is Friday, November 4th -- hope to see you there.