Thursday, November 3, 2011

On the Inside -- Upcoming Gallery Show

I have been working on framing and getting my work ready for an upcoming show at the Allied Arts Gallery.  The show, called On the Inside, is opening this Friday night, November 4th and running through November 26th. 

From the press release: "Both of the artists in this exhibit create works that are inspired by how they are feeling, dreams they have had, or their interpretation of the environment around them.

Tim Alexander forms his abstract paintings on canvas using various size putty knives and the canvas placed on the floor rather then an easel. His finished pieces usually take on many forms before getting to the point of satisfaction. The pictures that emerge are a reaction to what is going on inside him at those moments.

Rachel Potter creates small scale acrylic and pen and ink drawings. Rachel’s goal with her work, which she calls “dreamscapes,” is to create common items, animals and landscapes, as they would be in a dream with fancy colors and a wild imagination.

In conjunction with this show, Allied Arts’ Inside the Box Series will feature work from Nanz Aalund.  Nanz has been designing jewelry since high school and has made it a life long career. Her fanciful and unique designs are both beautiful and functional for everyday wear." 

I'm looking forward to the show and to sharing the space with Tim and Nanz. Thank you the Allied Arts for all their efforts in putting this show together.Thank you especially to Katy and Kelly.

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